Monday, December 12, 2011

Facebook Music Coming Up?
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  • On my Facebook-ing spree through the day, I stumbled upon a queer link on Facebook apps (on my profile), mentioning the term “Music”.


    When I added this “app” to my favorites, and clicked on it, all it did was to redirect me to the URL The page was blank and there was not even a remote sight of something that would seem to tell that this is the space Facebook allows its users to play music with.

    Perhaps Facebook is coming up with a music app? Something to compete with the growing popularity of Spotify? Stay tuned for more!

    UPDATE: The rumors were true. It seems like Facebook had launched the US version of Facebook Music somewhere in the month of September. The service is now available in India, and many other countries.

    Facebook music is not a service offered by Facebook and is just a mere integration of many music apps (like Spotify, etc) into Facebook. Here is the screenshot of the previously-empty page.

    However, you cannot search for music on Facebook (as of yet).

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