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Facebook Now Supports Profile Pictures as Smileys!
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  • Earlier, Facebook’s list of smileys (for its chat and message) was limited to only a few basic ones – like :) or ;) or :D or <3 (I could keep going on). But now, probably due to Christmas, Facebook has a new kind of smileys – Profile pictures!

    facebook-new-profile-picture-smileysAs you can see, all you do is to enter the username of the Facebook user or the facebook page (yes! It is supported too!) within double square brackets ‘[[’ and ‘]]’, and you have the 16px small profile picture image in your chat box.

    Assuming you would want to use my picture as a smiley. My Facebook URL is From this, the red colored text is my username [or anyone’s username – for that matter]. So, if you want to make a smiley of me, then add the ‘[[’ and ‘]]’ boxes (Without Quotes) in my username.


    So, if you type this in a chat box and press enter, you will get to see this: As simple as that.test-smiley-profile-picture

    So, if you want to enter somebody as a chat emotion, then go to their Facebook Profile and copy the URL and add the username within two square brackets in the chat.

    If the profile URL is something like , [numbers instead of username], then you can copy the number [or the profile id] and use it as a smiley too! [[100000464309039]] works too!

    The most fun thing about this is that you can use any profile’s picture as a smiley.. including ones who are not your friends, (even celebrities can be turned into smileys - I suppose Justin Beiber would have a tough time).Thanks @TechCrunch for the tip.

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