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Firefox 10 Gets a Website Inspector [At last!]
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  • firefox-inpect-element-availableChrome has it. Opera has it. And finally, Mozilla Firefox now has it. [Internet Explorer? – Never mind].  The Website Inspector is the useful tool, which is almost a boon to web developers.

    The “Inspect Element” option you get whenever you right-click anywhere on a website – is finally available in Firefox 10 beta version.

    Earlier, if you were a web developer and use Firefox, then you had to heavily depend on the Firebug add-on to do website editing (HTML and CSS testing on a website to know how your code looks before you actually edit your website). But with this new developer feature of Firefox, you get basic HTML and CSS inspection of websites.

    inspect-element-firefox-inaction This new inspector of Firefox isn’t that great – when compared to the advanced inspectors of web browsers like Google Chrome and Opera’s DragonFly.

    The feature a web developer would really miss is the JavaScript console, but (to your surprise), it is still available in Firefox as a separate function, which can be called by the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + K. The inspector also has a sporty look (except the color on the HTML side).

    Though this may be a great feature, I would still hold on to Opera DragonFly or Google Chrome, or even Firebug, until Firefox starts to take this seriously and pump more features and integration into this.

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