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Get rid of Google’s blue bar
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  • If you have recently visited Google homepage, you would have seen a blue colored bar, on the Google homepage, asking you to use the Google+ network, with the text : “Click here to start sharing on Google+.”
    google-bluebar-homepage While this blue bar may not be that bothersome for casual users, die-hard conservatives might have a tough time accepting yet another bar on the Google homepage. For all those who don’t want the bar to be sitting on their Google homepage, take heart. There is a way to remove that.
    This tweak works only on browsers which support add-ons , as you would have to download Adblock Plus (an add-on that removes ads from websites using filters). You can download the Firefox and the Google Chrome version, depending on your browser.

    It is not necessary for you subscribe to any of the lists that the program offers to use this tweak. After installing this add-on, go to Options and select the Add your own filters option.
    In the text box provided, type the following separately: [*]
    (click on the Add Filter button after every entry). Now, when you reload Google, the blue bar wont be seen anymore.
    [How do you do it? : Click to enlarge]
    adblock-plus-options adblock-plus-adding-own-filter
    For some cases, if it is being seen, then AdBlock Plus must have not been enabled for that website. You might want to manually turn it on.

    1) If you use Firefox, use the hash tag thrice ( ### ) instead of twice. [Thank you @Jef for the tip.]
    2) If you are not from the USA, then replace with your google regional page, like etc.

    Update 2: 
    It seems like Google has finally removed the blue bar, after a lot of attention it has been attracting lately. Google bar to come next, maybe?

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