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Google Authorship Not For Blogger Blogs
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  • Google has long ago added yet another feature to its search results page – Google Authorship. In Google Authorship, whenever someone searches for something, and if your website is in the search results, then your photo comes along with it too – by a simple code edit in your website. [NOTE: Look at the update!]
    But what is ironic of this is that Blogger – the blogging provider owned by Google, doesn’t support this (nor does any free blogging provider – for example – support it).

    Try it out yourself

    If you have a blogger hosted blog, then implement Google Authorship by placing a simple code, on the main page (or below posts) of your blog.
    <a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Your Name Here</a>
    where [profile_url] is the URL of your Google Profile. By implementing this on your site, the next time Google crawls your website, you will see your Google Profile photo being displayed next to your website. There are many other ways to do this too.

    And for blogger …

    If you are on blogger, then no matter how much days (or months or years) you wait, your picture just won’t be shown in the search result. This may lead you to think that there must be something wrong in the implementation.
    Just head over to Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool and enter your website’s URL.
    If you see a photo of yourself along with a “Verified Authorship”, that means that Google can now display your photo along with the search results.
    But if you are using blogger, then if your blog appears in the the search results, You Wont Be Able To See Your Photo!authorship-photo-missing
    This doesn’t work for other blogging platforms too – like (not the self hosted one). Looks like Google Authorship requires a fully fledged domain name.
    UPDATE: It seems that Google now supports authorship for blogger blogs. Read more ]

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