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Google Datacenter Employees Wear Shorts To Go Green?
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  • Google employees wear shorts to work

    Google, in their revelation on how they are green (or eco-efficient) reveled that all their employees working in the Google Datacenters, are told to wear shorts for work, to help Google go eco-efficient.

    Google’s Datacenters are filled with a lot of servers and machines that operates at a high temperature. With a temperature of about 80 °F (or 26°C)  at office, Google employees find it hard to stay in their office, without a proper Air-conditioning system.

    But Google, in order to become green, has decided against the use of air conditioners in their datacenters – as that would waste a lot of energy, which could be used to cool the servers.

    Instead, ask their employees to wear shorts and light clothes, so that they could remain comfortable, without having to sweat in their office clothes.

    Looks like Google is taking the environment seriously. [Via Google Green]

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