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How to get the profile ID of anyone on Facebook
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  • Profile ID of a Facebook profile is a set of unique numbers, that vary from one profile to the other, that every individual profile (and page) on Facebook has. With the introduction of usernames on Facebook, a person who earlier had a profile URL like "” now has a profile URL as “”, thereby losing the valuable set of numbers.

    But if you really need the profile ID of a facebook account, for some purpose*, then nokia-india-facebook-pagethere is still a way to get that.


    All you need to do is to visit the Facebook profile or Facebook page of the profile, and  then right-click on their profile picture, and select the option “Open Image in a new tab” [this option may vary, depending upon the browser you use].

    Once the image is opened in a new tab, the URL of the image may look something like this:

    In this URL, notice the last few set of numbers. These numbers are assigned by Facebook to ever photo the profile or the page has uploaded. In these set of numbers (separated by an underscore), the middle number is the profile id.


    To test whether the number actually is the profile ID that you wanted, replace the text with the actual profile ID and see if the link redirects to the profile.{profileID}

    profile.php-id-facebook The link must work perfectly in most cases.


    (*) Why do you need a profile ID?

    1. Certain applications for mobiles, etc, may not work properly with the given username, in which cases you can use the profile id instead
    2. In Facebook’s “View As” feature, usernames don’t work, and you have to manually provide the profile ID to view your profile as different other profiles.

    There may be more applications of the humble profile ID, but that’s all I can think of!

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