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Make Google Chrome Faster
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  • Google Chrome has overtaken Firefox and is currently the No. 2 among internet browsers, lagging behind Internet Explorer in just a few percentage difference. As Chrome brings out newer versions almost every fortnight, it is important to constantly keep up with its pace, and deliver guides that tell you how to make Google Chrome faster.

    make google chrome faster

    1. Beginner Tweaks

    a) Remove Useless Extensions:
    Chrome has a lot of extensions. Unless you want an extension real bad, you should remove all the other extensions that you probably do not use at all. While you may really want extensions that sound cool from the Chrome Web Store, do keep in mind that the more extensions your Chrome has, the slower it becomes.

    b) Remove Apps:
    Chrome store has essentially three kinds of “Apps”. One kind is that which acts like achrome-apps shortcut, which goes directly to a website on clicking. The second type is one which goes to a website on clicking, but stores some data on your computer (The Angry Birds app on Google Chrome is a good example).

    The third and the most dangerous kind is the one which is not dependant on the website, and operates entirely in your browser (like TweetDeck, for example). These apps occupy some memory of your RAM (even if you do not run them), making them a dangerous factor in slowing down your chrome.

    c) Close unused tabs:
    A simple but useful tip is to close tabs which you don’t use. Chrome treats each tabs as an individual process, which means that the more number of tabs you keep open, the more, the more chrome is going to burden your system.

    d) Don’t use App tabs: chrome-pin-tab
    A feature that chrome copied from Firefox was “App Tab”, which lets you pin tabs on Chrome, which you can always access later. However, Chrome did a huge mistake copying this idea, as if you open a large number of tabs, and then switch to the App Tab, then you will find the tab un-rendered, where you have to wait for a few seconds to view the website again. My advice is to avoid using App tabs, as you will find it really useless.

    e) Remove that theme:
    Though there are a lot of themes available, sticking on to the default skin provided in Google chrome will do wonders in speeding up your chrome and making it snappier.

    2. Advanced tweaks

    a) Use the Task Manager:
    chrome-task-managerChrome has something unique, which no other browser has – its own Task Manager. You can access the task manager by the shortcut Shift+Esc. When the Task Manager opens,  you can see a list of all the open tabs, and the background extensions, apps, etc that is running in chrome right now. If you see something that is hogging up all your RAM, then go ahead and End the Process!

    b) Use Incognito:
    This may be surprising, but Chrome maintains a copy of the website in the RAM (out of all the places), which may cause the browser to consume more memory than expected. If you use the Incognito mode of Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+N),then Chrome enters a private mode, where the page and its history isn’t cached, making chrome respond snappier.

    c) Create a new browser profile:
    If you tried everything of the above, and your chrome is still slow and sluggish, then you could try this as a last resort – create a new profile for Google Chrome. [Note: You must close Chrome before trying this:]

    Go to Start>Run and type the following:

    Windows XP Users: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local
                         Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome

    Windows Vista/7 Users: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\

    In the Windows Explorer window that opens, there will be a file called “Default”. You can either delete that file, or rename it to something (like “Old profile”) – as a backup. After that, open chrome again, which will create another profile, named “default” in the same directory.

    [Note: You should delete the file only once, and not every time you spot the file. By removing the file, all your stored data will be erased.]

    d) Reinstall:
    If nothing else works, then follow the old hardcore ruff and tuff reinstall option. Use a software like Revo Uninstaller (the free version) to completely remove every last bit of Chrome on your computer, and install it from a scratch, again.

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