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Make Your Facebook Profile Public [Below 18 Years]
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  • If you are below 18 years of age, then Facebook doesn’t give you the option of making your updates public (which is much better than Google+’s policy). This limitation can seriously hurt you in many ways. For example, if your Facebook profile address is, then people who aren’t the friend of your friends, or people who haven’t signed in on Facebook, will “Page Not Found” error.


    If you would like to add your facebook link to your website or email etc., so that people will be able to see your profile, and read your updates, then a simple hack to enable it is to enable Subscription option on your Facebook profile.

    The subscription option of Facebook allows a facebook user, who is not your friend, to subscribe to your updates – only if each of your statuses are marked to “Public”. (If they are not, they will be hidden the privy eyes of stalkers).

    By enabling this option, your profile will now be visible to anyone who types in your profile URL. You can also now make your statuses public, which was impossible to do before.

    But Wait!

    facebook-profile-publicFacebook had a good reason to limit your privacy for your account, and it is suggested that you set your default privacy setting to “Friends” for all your posts.

    To do that, go to Privacy Settings from your profile and select the “Friends” option, to enable sharing within your friends – by default. If you aren’t convinced, then be aware – you can always change the sharing option directly on your profile!

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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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