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Post To Facebook With A Cool “Via” Text
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  • The “Via” tag used in Facebook News Feed shows the reader with what a fellow Facebook friend has posted on Facebook. With the advent of many awesome devices, having a gadget in the “via” text just increases your cool quotient.


    So how do you post to Facebook with a cool “via” text (and impress your friends)? The answer is very simple. Just use one of those numerous “via” applications on Facebook. Whenever you post to Facebook in that app, you get a similar via text.

    app-permissions-FacebookFor example, consider the viabberry app, that lets you post to Facebook as blackberry. As soon as you give the required permissions to the app, it then takes you to its app screen, where you can post anything to Facebook (Images are not supported), and it will be posted as via BlackBerry

    Note: There are a lot of misleading advertisements on the app pages, so I recommend you stick on to the left side and avoid clicking anything that is distracting.

    posting-to-facebook-via Here is a list of apps on Facebook – for various such “via” texts:

     BlackBerry , BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry PlayBook
    iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 (Yes! iPhone 5!)
    iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3,
    MacBook, MacBook Pro

    Removing them

    These apps do look like spam, and hence I advice you to remove them from your Facebook account as soon as you are done with them.

    To remove these apps, go to the Apps page and then click on the pencil icon and select “Remove”. Though it would be morally wrong on your part to do this to the app developer, it is worth doing this to keep your account safe from Facebook spam.

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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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    Anita said...
    December 30, 2011 at 11:09 PM

    I have used the last days to generate cool text for facebook chat.

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