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A Simple Tip To Change Default “Display Density” in Gmail
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  • Gmail is nagging all of its users to switch to the new look of Gmail. You can also delay using the new look (by constantly ignoring the pleas of Google), but some exciting features come with the new look of Gmail, most importantly, threaded conversations, which you can’t afford to miss out.

    But when you activate the new look, you may be in for a surprise. If your screen resolution is below 1060px, you will automatically be given the “Compact look” of Gmail, which is really horrible to work at, if you are used to the old look of Gmail. gmail-getting-a-new-look

    So how do you change the “Display Density” of Gmail? The answer is very simple. This tip works only on Google Chrome, and not any other browser like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. As soon as you open Gmail in Chrome, Use the Shortcut Ctrl and – (or press Ctrl and use your Scroll wheel to zoom in/out) to zoom out of the page.


    Once you zoom out enough, Gmail will automatically adjust the display density to “Cozy”. However, the readability of the text will be affected by this. This method is recommended if you have a monitor resolution similar to 1024px. If you have a much smaller resolution, then the tip will still work for you, but the text might be too uncomfortable to read.

    Why Chrome?

    Before you scream favoritism, there are reasons why I recommend using Google Chrome for this trick. This is because if you Zoom out a page once in Google Chrome, it stays like that, till you close your browser. The advantage it has over Firefox and Opera is that even if you reload the page multiple times, the page remains zoomed out.

    This even works when you have multiple tabs of Gmail open. If you resize Gmail in one tab, the rest of the tab automatically resizes too.

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