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TweetDeck is now a Native App and A Big Disappointment
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  • TweetDeck, the most used Twitter client – now owned by Twitter, used to be a twitter app that was written as a Adobe Air application. But now, TweetDeck has become a fully fledged native app for Windows and Mac computers.

    tweetdeck-native-appAs you would have noticed, the yellow colored logo has changed to blue color, along with many other interface changes, like the column bar moving to the top, a easier search bar and many more.

    Honestly, I was quite let down by the new app. Even before I downloaded the 13 MB installation file, I had great expectations – TweetDeck being snappy and light was one of them, but it was a major disappointment, as all the features that made TweetDeck popular were now done away with.

    For example, whenever you shift from one column to another – there is a certain loading time, which was not experienced in the old version of the twitter client.

    There are OBVIOUS signs showing that Twitter (after the acquisition of TweetDeck) has changed everything – by using Twitter as the default URL shortener and also as the default image uploading site. Another instance – whenever you would want to type a new tweet, a pop up comes up (just like twitter website), and the entire background grays out.

    However, the memory consumption was the most impressive factor – as it took a 100MB less memory than the old version.

    Note: You would have to manually uninstall the old version of TweetDeck, as the new one’s installer won’t do that for you.

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