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The Two Music Websites of Google?
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  • Google has recently launched its Music Store on the internet, among much fanfare, which gives you a whole lot of facilities like uploading music from your computer to the cloud, purchasing music, syncing of music to your android device, etc. But what Google has not really thought of is that Google India, the Indian version of Google, has already a service called Music, which streams Bollywood music, with almost the same URL!

    google-musicGoogle Music India has the URL, whereas Google Music has the URL (which it redirects to

    The problem associated with this comes when a fellow user (residing in India) types the Google Music India URL, hoping to find the actual Google Music website, but ends up with the Indian version of the website – which is actually an aggregator of bollywood music.

    Another instance where this is going to lead to confusion is when casual (or careless) app developers decide to use the URL of Google Music India, instead of Google Music, thus leading to an dis-functional app.

    This (serious) error in the website structure might as well be a bad communication of ideas between Google India and Google. Let’s wait for sometime and see what Google does to cover up this mess.

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