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Upload Your Images to Blogger Without Creating A New Post
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  • upload-blogger-imageIf you are using Blogger, then you know the strict measures it takes against using its servers only as a host to your images.  Whenever you upload a new image to your blog – from your computer, it automatically gets converted into  a source code, without revealing you the URL of the image, unless you would go to the source code to grab the URL of the image, to use it elsewhere on the web.

    If you would like to host your images on blogger, either for a theme, or just as a image host, then this simple URL hack will do the trick.

    First of all, you need to own a blog on blogger. If you are done with that, then open the dashboard of your blog and note down its blogID, which can be seem from the address. For example, if your address bar shows this,

    then, 216851650177988784 is your blogID.

    Next, go to the URL open-image-in-new-tab-chrome

    (where the text in red is your blogID).

    On the website, select any option as a layout and then select a file from your computer and click on “Upload Image.

    As soon as your image is uploaded, right click on the image and select the “Open Image in New Tab” option (varies from browser to browser).

    When the browser opens your image in a new tab, the address will be something like this:

    All you need to do is to change the s400 to a higher value, like s1700, s1800, s2000 , etc to get a bigger version of your image.

    Then you can copy the image location, and use it anywhere on the web.

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