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A Way to Get the New New Twitter
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  • Twitter has recently launched a new interface – only a few years after it launched #NewTwitter. Now, the new interface (#NewNewTwitter) is much cleaner to look at and is a definite improvement from the current avatar.

    twitter-new-design-app-download But unfortunately, not everyone can get it immediately. If you want to get the new version of twitter, you should have an android or an iPhone device. If you do, then by upgrading to the latest version of the app (3.0 for android and 4.0 for iPhone) and linking your account with it, you too can start using the new twitter interface.

    But if you don’t possess such a device, there is still a way to get the new twitter – the hardcore way.

    Here’s the idea – Download the Android Emulator Tool (Used by android app developers to test their app) on your computer. Then, patch it – so that it allows you to install any app from the android marketplace.

    Download the latest version of the twitter app for android and associate your account with it.

    The next time you log in with your twitter username and password, then you will be greeted with the new interface.

    How do you do this, exactly?

    Easier said than done. Doing this requires a bit of difficulty.

    1) Download Android’s Emulator [A Guide on how to do this can be found here ]
    2) After installing, read this fine guide from How-To Geek to enable Marketplace. If you don’t need a guide and want to do it directly, read this.
    3) Download and install the twitter app from the marketplace.

    Note: After installing android emulator, you would have to wait a really long time for the virtual device to boot. Also, the device will be much slower, depending upon your RAM capacity.

    I would advice you to try this with Android 2.3.

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