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Add Features to Gmail with Gadgets
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  • Since last year, Gmail has ( and - is - currently) testing out a new feature in Gmail, that will change the way you use your Gmail inbox. With Gmail Gadgets, you can load widgets in Gmail sidebar, and use them along with your mail.


    By default, Gmail gadgets is not enabled by default. If you like to do so, then you would have to go an extra step.

    Go to Gmail settings and then click on the Labs link. There, search for a lab feature called “Add any gadget by URL” and enable it. Reload Gmail and then, it will be enabled.

    To add a gadget, you would have to visit the Settings again and click on the new tab “Gadgets”, where you get a text box, asking you to enter the link to the gadget you would like to add.

    It is at this point where you get to chose among the many hundreds of Gmail gadgets available around the net.

    Another awesome source where you get lots of gadgets is Google’s iGoogle directory. If the URL looks something like, you need to use only the red colored link as Gmail’s gadgets. (Thanks to this tip).

    Even Google Blog suggested some gadgets for Gmail, but some of those don’t work as of now, probably because of some date issues.

    However, if you are looking for some gadgets, the internet is filled with them. Happy hunting.

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