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Be Careful What You Post On Google+
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  • Google is trying its best to make Google+, its social networking branch (I use the term branch instead of website, because Google has integrated Google+ so much within itself), popular – by including status updates of users in Google search results.

    google -search-post As you can see from the example above: A simple status update, which I made somewhere last month (in order for it to get indexed by Google search bot) has appeared – along with my user name and the post.

    If you are a publicist, and would like to open up your life to everyone, this may not be that much of a problem. Occasional users too, wouldn’t mind allowing Google show up their updates in its search results. But for people who quit Facebook and use Google+ regularly, this may not be such a good thing after all.

    Consider this: If you are working in a company and you post something against your company on your Google+ profile, a simple search on Google+ will reveal your posts and you may even lose your job. sharing on Google+

    So how do you stop this from happening? Just editing the privacy settings of your Google+ profile will do the trick. Unlike Facebook, Google+ doesn’t have a default sharing option, which means that anything you share by default will be posted as public.

    However, if you select any one sharing option, like “Your Circles” for example, then from then onwards, “Your Circles” will be the default sharing option for all your future updates.

    So the next time you post, make sure it isn’t set to public.

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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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