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Check Who Unfollowed You On Twitter
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  • twitter-unfollowI have a personal account on Twitter - @TechCovered. Since it is a relatively new account, I don’t have much followers. Almost all the followers I have, are spam bots – who I am tired of constantly reporting to Twitter. 

    Occasionally, some actual visitor follows me on twitter. And more often, I get a lot of spam accounts following me on twitter. But when the follower counts of my account drops down, I start to panic.

    It is really useful of twitter to send me a mail everytime someone follows me on Twitter, but I think it would be even more great if twitter could notify me if someone unfollows me too. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t help you with that.

    Who Unfollowed me is a great twitter app that collects data from your twitter account (not the sensitive data – just the data related to your followers) and tell you who unfollowed you. This app also maintains a history of all the people who unfollowed you and also offers many services like “who’s not following me back” and “Who I’m not following back”.

    There is also a Pro version of the service, which offers more advanced and unlimited services that are limited by the regular account for $5 for a year.

    Qwitter is another app offering the same services, but it doesn’t offer a proper web interface. Instead, it gives you a weekly email with the list of users who unfollowed you that week. This is a very helpful option if you are too busy to check websites manually.

    However, if you are losing a lot of followers, I recommend you start tweeting something interesting. If you still lose followers, then worry not; most of them are most likely spam bots.

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