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Convert Any Images To ASCII Art
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  • If you have an image with you, and you would like to convert that into a text-based image, then the internet offers a large variety of tools that help you convert an image into ASCII or HTML text.

    lol-cat-converted-into-ascii Tools such as picascii and text image give you the option of converting an image into either into HTML (which supports color) or plain ASCII (color not supported).

    ASCII-o-matic is yet another ASCII converter, which works wonders in converting a JPEG file into an ASCII art. However, you can upload only JPEG file, that are about 60 x 50 in dimensions for it to work. Colors are supported in this tool, but however, you wont be able to copy the text generated. ASCIIfy [Via @labnol] is also a similar ASCII converter. However, instead of uploading your image to its servers, it uses HTML5 to convert it within your browser – thereby making it the fastest one yet.

    ASCgen is another tool which does the said job, offline. You can control the contrast, brightness, text width, dimensions, etc effectively.

    Note: Just to get things straight. If the “ASCII” you generated is colored – it is HTML code. Otherwise, it is just plain ASCII.

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