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Get The Latest News To Your Email Inbox
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  • A strong earthquake just jolted up a part of Japan, but fortunately, it didn’t cause any damage. Where did I know about this? The Internet, of course. If you want to constantly be updated with the latest happenings the world over, then you may need the latest news to come straight to your email inbox. 

    Unfortunately, for you, different websites offer different versions of the stories – but which one of them is accurate and reliable, so that you may subscribe to the feeds of the website? The answer is that no website can claim to be a 100% accurate. For that reason, we use Google News.

    google-news-reliableGoogle News is a product of Google, which collects news from various website and puts it on its homepage. (Also called a news aggregator). So how exactly will you be getting all the latest stories from Google News?

    The answer is simple – through a RSS Feed. Google News offers a secret RSS feed (well, its not a secret – but its hidden) option, where you can subscribe to all the latest updates from any RSS reader.

    To get the RSS feed of Google News, go to the section (for eg: Technology) you would like to subscribe to (the huge list on the left side) and in the url, add &output=rss. For example:

    In the above sample URL, you added the &output=rss. Now, when you go to that URL, you will be sent the the RSS feeds of Google News.

    Now that the RSS feed is set up, how do you forward updates to your Email ID? This is where services like Feed My Inbox comes to the rescue. All you need to do is to head to the website and type in the URL of the RSS feed you just created and give it your email address. Any updates in the feed will be sent to your inbox – in real time.

    NOTE: If you would like to subscribe to any news, in general, or breaking news, I suggest you chose the “Top Stories” section, and then subscribe to its updates.

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