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How to know who Tagged you in Photos on Facebook
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  • A not-much-appreciated thing in Facebook is that if someone tags you in any photo, you wont be able to tell who tagged you, without some steps. Whether it is a friend who mass tags everyone he knows to a photo saying “Happy New Year” or anything similar, wouldn’t you want to know who tagged you to the photo in the first place?


    Facebook, however, hides this information from you. However, you can still see it, using a simple trick.

    To do this, select and view the photo you’ve been tagged in. Select the option “Report/Remove Tag”  and in the list of options you get, select the first “I want to remove this tag” option. In the next Facebook dialog box you get, the top text will have all the info you need about the person who uploaded and tagged you in the photo.

    report-remove-tag-facebook remove-tag-facebook who-tagged-you-facebook 

    [This works even if a person uploaded the photo and another person tagged you in it.]

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