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Keep a Track On US Elections with Google
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  • Google-Politics&ElectionsUnited States is soon going to have their presidential elections, and if you would like to keep a track of your favorite candidate, then Google has a solution for you.

    Google has launched a politics and elections portal, Google Elections, where it aggregates news from various websites on the Internet and also provides data and logs, which compares the trend of one candidate with another candidate – in Google searches, Google News and also on Youtube videos. politicans-trending-on-Google

    Google’s Youtube also offers a politics related channel, Youtube Politics, containing various videos, involving various candidates and promotions, news, etc. 

    PBS News hour also shows a list of all political events in the 2012 Political Calendar, with the help of Google Calendar, and is also featured on Google’s election website.

    Google Election Toolkit offers a set of tools for various categories of people, like Media Consultant, Journalist, Developer, Campaign Manager, IT or New Media Manager. The “tools”, if you are wondering, is nothing but Google Maps, Google+ Pages, Youtube, Google Adwords, etc – tools whichever suit these professions – as thought by Google.

    Google Elections is also on Google+, so feel free to add them to your circle.

    Happy Voting!

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    eko susilo said...
    January 11, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    Nice arrticle,//
    Looks like your blog template as labnol.org #

    Abhilash Rejanair said...
    January 13, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    Thank you! :)
    and yes. The template does look like labnol. Hope Amit doesn't mind!

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