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Protect Your Email Address On The Internet
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  • Usually, before you publish your email address somewhere on the web, you think twice, because if spam bots manage to capture your email address, then your inbox would be flooded with spam. Fortunately for us, Google has a way to stop email spam, even if you publish your email address across any webpage on the internet.


    ReCaptcha is a CAPTCHA service offered by Google, where you would have to type in the text you see, to make sure you are a human accessing the site, and not some spam bot. ReCaptcha’s Mail Hide service allows us to protect an email id. avoid-spam-captcha For example, if you would want to protect an email ID like, then would be the email id that would be shown to everyone.

    If you would like to view the entire email address, you should click on the email ID, which will take you to a CAPTCHA webpage. On successfully filling the captcha, the email address will be shown to you.

    Though this service is immensely helpful, I wonder why Google has not bothered to publicize it.

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