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The Slow Death of Orkut
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  • Google now has two social networks – Google+ and Orkut. While Google+ is catching up with Facebook (well, not really- but they are still trying), Orkut lies in a state of neglect, with some users still on Orkut, and the orkut team, which still thinks Orkut is a huge success.

    But how well is Orkut doing now? According to these reports, its dying a slow death.

    Alexa Stats For Orkut

    According to Alexa, Orkut has a drop margin of almost 25% from the past three months. Google Trends shows the same with Orkut too.

    Google Trends for Orkut Google has still not decided the fate of Orkut, especially because Orkut mainly gets its traffic from Brazil and some from India, which mainly use Orkut. 

    Google+ and Facebook, on the other hand, are on the gaining side of the story.

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