Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Steve Jobs Action Figures Now On Sale
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  • In Icons, a toy company which specializes in making action figures of prominent people around the globe, has made an action figure of Steve Jobs, in a perfect scale ratio of 1:6.Steve Jobs: The Action Figue and the actual one

    The “action” figure is 12 inches high and can be moved to any position and is capable of imitating Steve Jobs in his various famous poses. What more, the toy also comes with glasses. Though various photos in the inicon website has various photos of the toy holding a model of the iPad and iPhone, they are not included in the shipment.

    If you are planning to buy this figure, I suggest you do it immediately when it is released, on February this year, as the Steve Jobs family might file a lawsuit against the company anytime soon. [Via CourierMail]

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