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Yet Another Way to Subscribe to Twitter
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  • I had already mentioned a way of subscribing to the statuses of certain twitter accounts, through RSS. Here is yet another way to subscribe, both through RSS and through email subscriptions, using the services of a well know twitter search engine, Topsy.

    Topsy is a what you would call the Google of twitter, with almost real time indexing of tweets. Its services are so awesome, that even twitter recommends it for journalists (and Topsy supports Google+ too!).


    When it comes to subscribing feeds in twitter, topsy offers the simplest solution yet – just visit someone’s twitter profile through Topsy (like mine), and click on the RSS– Subscribe this profile option. You will then be redirected to the feeds page which you can enter in your RSS Feed reader or Google Reader to subscribe to.

    topsy-search-email-alertsAnother reason why I recommend Topsy is that it can also be used to create email alerts of any search term. Just clicking  on the “Create Email Alert” link (and then link your facebook or twitter profile) and subscribe to any updates on the search term – directly sent to your email.

    This is useful for bloggers like me to track blog’s popularity on the web.

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