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Circles in now in Gmail – as Labels
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  • Google seems to be trying very hard to promote its Google+ social network, by forcing people using other Google services into opting for Google+. Yet another example of this accusation, comes from the fact that Google has implemented circles into Gmail, as a label.

    If you are using Google+, and if you have added someone to your circle, and if the person sends you an email, then Google automatically categorizes them into the “circles” label, sorting them, according to which circle they belong to, in Gmail.


    For example, if a person “John” who is in your “Friends” circle on Google+, sends you an email to your Gmail, then it would automatically be labeled in the friends circle.  So whenever you go to the friends circle, the email will be visible there.

    But however, you can’t add a message to a circle or remove a message from a circle, making this feature a bit frustrating to work with.

    This feature, intrudingly, cannot be removed from Gmail and looks like it is a permanent addition. However, you still have the option of hiding the labels from your inbox, though that won’t remove this feature – it  will just hide them from your eyes.

    Further more, you can also hide particular circles from the list and you can also edit each circle in Gmail (renaming the circle or even adding/removing friends are also supported), which will be saved over to your profile in Google+.

    Read more about Circles in Gmail in this Google Help Center article.

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