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Firefox 11 has Tilt Integrated!
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  • Firefox has just released their 11th beta version of the Firefox build, and has added a slew of exciting developer features to it, making Firefox all the more web developer friendly. The tilt add-on has already been making headlines, as it provides web developers an interactive interface, which highlights all web elements present in the website as 3D objects.


    Firefox 10 already has a website inspector. Now, the tile has been integrated into the default website inspector of Firefox, so that you will be able to see a separate 3D button alongside HTML and Style buttons. Upon clicking the 3D button, you would see the entire website go into 3d mode, which you can control by using the WASD as well as the arrow keys and scroll wheel.

    If you are eager to test drive this, you need to download and install Firefox 11 beta. For people who don’t want to use the beta version of Firefox, they can still use the tilt* add-on.

    [*] To install the tilt add-on, download the tilt.xpi file and open it with Firefox. Upon prompting, install the add-on.

    Apart from these, Firefox also brought out other developer tools like Style Editor which can be used to edit the CSS style sheets of webpages, without the need of opening the web inspector separately and also gives you the option to save the style sheet. Overall, It looks like Firefox is trying to impress all the web developers out there, with this build. I am still not letting go of Firebug, though.

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