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Google Authorship Now Works For Blogger
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  • Earlier, I had written that authorship was not available for blogs hosted on blogger, probably because of the subdomain. But now, after about a month of implementing the authorship markup in my blogger blog, Google has finally set a author image for me in its search results. So far, mine is the only blogger blog that I have seen, with a verified authorship.

    techcovered-search-result-authorshipSo this tells us that Google now supports authorship for blogger blogs, which comes as a huge relief, that Google has finally done justice to the bloggers who rely on Google’s own blogger service.

    So, what did I exactly do, to make my picture appear in the search results? There are many ways of doing it, but this is what I did:

    1. I have an about page in this blog, and I have linked it with my name, using the rel=”author” tag (as you can see in the sidebar).
      <a href="" rel="author">Your Name</a>
    2. Next, in my blog’s about page, I add a link to my Google profile (or Google+ profile) with the rel=”me” tag.
      <a href="[your_profile_url]" rel="me">My Google+ Profile</a>
    3. linking-website-google-profileIn my Google profile, I added my about page in the “Other Profiles” and my website in “Contributor to” places, respectively. Click on Done Editing to save the changes.

    Now that you have done your bit, check if Google accepts the authorship, by using the really useful Rich Snippets Tool. Type in your blog address and click on preview to check if the authorship markup is verified. You should see a green text with “Verified: Authorship markup is verified for this page” if Google accepts your authorship.

    If something goes wrong and if Google can’t verify it for some reasons, then I suggest you retry this method, or use the other methods prescribed by Google.

    NOTE: If you have a page on Google+ for your website, you should link that to your website too, to enable smoother integration with Google+. All you need to do is to add a meta to your blog, under the <head> part of your blog.

    <link href="" rel="publisher">

    The changes are not immediate, and may take weeks or even months to appear, in some cases.

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