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Spring Clean your Facebook Profile
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  • Everyone has a facebook profile these days. Whether you use it to socialize with friends and family or whether you use it as a medium to find job opportunities, etc., Facebook always leads the social networking pack. But as you tend to use Facebook continuously, it tends to get a bit “dirty” – similar to your windows installation, which eventually slows down, and you would have to do a complete reinstall to make it work fast.


    There are a lot of things that need a proper cleaning in facebook. Let’s consider each factor, one by one.

    Profile Picture and Cover photo :

    a) Profile Picture – If you want your Facebook profile to look legit and real, you need a proper profile picture. Any random image of your favorite cartoon won’t do, neither will the picture of your favorite movie star. Your profile picture should have a picture of you, alone if possible (try to avoid using a group photo as your profile picture). A photo of you smiling is THE ideal profile picture recommended.

    b) Cover Photo – After Facebook released the timeline to all profiles, you could set a cover photo on your profile. This photo can be anything, but it is recommended that you use a group photo – probably one with your friends, as the cover photo. If you are a professional looking to make your profile look good to your boss, then a photo of any seminar you took, or even better, the company’s logo will be sure to impress your boss.

    Photos :

    remove-tag-facebookIt is of utmost importance to clean your photos on Facebook, as it is the #2 place where any visitor to your profile would go through. Go through the photos you have uploaded and delete all embarrassing ones right away! Doing this alone will not keep you safe, as the “Photos of You” will still contain embarrassing photos of you tagged in it.

    Open any photo (uploaded by others) and then select the “Report/Remove Tag to remove your profile tag on that photo. Doing so will not delete the photo, but will unlink it from your profile, which is effective enough. The only one problem is that the friends of the friend (who uploaded the photo) will be able to view it.

    Your Info :

    The Info page of your profile is probably the most underrated, yet the most important part of your profile. Updating your work information from time to time, updating your education information, etc. are really important, if you are a professional. Also writing something useful in the “About You” is the sign of an efficient person.

    Leaving the religious and political views blank is most recommended, making your profile neutral to everyone. Providing contact information is also a plus point.

    Another pointless thing teenagers do, is to add some of their close friends as “Family”. I suggest you don’t do that, as it just messes up your Facebook profile, during recovery.


    If you made any sensitive status updates, you should delete them right away, as Facebook doesn’t forget your message, and a simple search would reveal them all.

    If you need to voice out anything that isn’t welcomed by everyone, then you should not make the update public, like this.

    Messages :

    delete-fb-messagesMost people wouldn’t be aware that you can delete messages in Facebook. Click on the “Actions” button on each message and select the “Delete Message” and all to delete all messages (to a particular recipient) sent. You should do this more often, as this even clears your chat history. (Most suitable for people in multiple relationships Smile )

    Apps :

    Apps on facebook is the page where facebook keeps all the app invites from your friends. To clean your account, you would have to clear all the invites from friends and also consider blocking particular apps, if you get too much invites from it.The App bookmarks on your left should also be cleared to make Facebook look as neat as possible.

    You might have also noticed apps that automatically post spam to your wall (like “Fortune Cookie”, “How happy are you today?” or “List of best friends”, etc.). To stop applications from doing that, go to the app settings page and remove such apps from your account. This is a MUST.

    And lastly :

    Be mannered when you are commenting on someone’s profile, as written words appear more harsh than what you intended. Keep your etiquette and do not harass others, unless you want to be blocked on Facebook.

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