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Tools to know Everything about a Website
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  • search-websiteIf you want to know more about a website, like who the registrant is, on what domain they are hosting the domain, or when does their domain expire, etc., and if you also need to research about a website, like the trends of a website on the internet, etc., then you would have to rely on some tools on the internet, that gets this job done.

    First and foremost, if you want to know more about a website, you should look it up on gives a list of information on the domain, and also gives you hints of which domain a website is being hosted on. Domain Tool’s Who is,  also serves the purpose, but offers a great variety of features like Site Profile, Search engine details, registration details, server statistics etc., for advanced users.

    When it comes to the complete analysis of a website, then you should take a look at sitetrail,  a website which gives an in-depth report of any website. What more, Site Trail also gives you social media analysis, SEO analysis and the “site worth” feature (which tells you how much a website is worth), which is the main reason I use this site (not very accurate, though). There are plenty other features offered, but they all are picked by their servers from Alexa. Stat My Web is also another such website, with the cleanest layout I have seen, that’s easy on the eyes.

    Free Website Report is another such website, which tells you a lot about a website. A really appreciated feature is that this website also tells you whether the alexa ranking of the website has decreased or increased. It also foretells the ad revenue of a website, which was actually pretty much accurate. It also provides a graph, comparing the site’s popularity.

    When it comes to a popular website, nothing beats Alexa’s siteinfo, which gives you a complete analysis of a website, that is really very accurate. However, this doesn’t work well with less popular websites. Compete is also a well know website, but only checks for stats for visitors in the US.

    If you want to check a website for any malware, trust nothing, other Google’s own diagnostic (replace by a website’s URL) and Norton’s Safe web. They check their databases to see if a website is malicious or not.

    Note: Whenever you use a website analyzer, the website releases a report to the public, that also hogs attention in Google search results. Try to use as less of them as possible.

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