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Use Facebook Graphs to know Everything about Anything
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  • If you are a geeky nerd, you would probably know that the whole of facebook was built with the social graph at its core. What most people don’t know is that Facebook provides a simple API (application programming interface) that provides public data about any Facebook profile, page, note, wall feed, photos, video and everything on Facebook – to applications.

    But however, you can use this graph to extract as much public and general information as possible from a Facebook profile or from a facebook page, without as much as even visiting the Facebook profile or page.

    This is such a simple method that it doesn’t even qualify to be called a hack. First of all, you would have to get the username or the profile ID of a facebook profile. Then, just replace the www with the word graph in Facebook.

    For example, if a facebook username is then the graph of the same user would be

    This hack even works for profiles which has profile ID’s instead of usernames. Just replace the username (blue text) with the profile ID, like

    This graph works best with pages. If you would quickly like to know when a company was founded in its Facebook page, just go to the graph version of the page. ex: This proceeds directly to the graph version of the page.

    Graph also supports wall feeds, photo albums, etc, but it requires access tokens for verification purpose. See more on the Graph API page.

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    Your privacy is taken very seriously.
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