Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Facebook removes Google Chrome from supported browsers
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  • Facebook maintains a list of supported browsers (which isn’t that popular) which officially states all the browsers that Facebook runs perfectly on. Google Chrome, which has so far been on that list, is now removed for it, without any reasons given out by Facebook.


    The list mentions Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. If you visit the page in Chrome, Facebook greets you with the message – “You are using a web browser that we don’t support”.

    If there must be any reason behind this, it must be because of Facebook planning to acquire Opera and that Google(Chrome) , one of the rivals of Opera, would also become a rival of Facebook. So, it would only seem sensible for Facebook to remove Google’s browser – Chrome, from the list of supported browsers.

    Whatever Facebook is doing, looks like it just started a fresh war with Google. Watch out, Google! Thanks @SmashingMag


    However, this outdated Facebook help center article also lists Google Chrome and Safari as supported browsers and doesn’t mention Opera, as one of the supported browsers. This indicates the shift of Facebook’s attitude from Chrome to Opera. (Thanks alyssa)

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