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Get free hugs on the Nicest Place on the Internet
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  • For all those of you who have lost faith in humanity and especially with the dark side of the internet, here is some reason to feel good. The Nicest Place On The Internet is a website that streams a full-scale collection of videos, where people hug you (or their webcam).


    As soon as the website loads, you get a loop of videos giving out hugs to you, with a melancholic music playing in the background, making this actually the nicest place to be on the internet.

    The website uses YouTube API to stream the videos. You can also use this website to give your special one a dedicated hug video. To do that, click on the “create (NEW)” and enter the YouTube ID of the video (the video must already be uploaded in your YouTube account).

    To add your “hug” video on this site, you should create a hug video (of course), and then either upload it to YouTube, or uploading sites like WeTransfer or YouSendIt, and email them the link of the video, telling about yourself and your location. If your video is approved, it will be viewable in the “Nicest Place on the Internet”.

    The background music is “I have never loved someone” by the Brightest diamond. It is a 4 minute song, which is looped in the website.

    NOTE: All the videos watched on the website can also be re-watched in YouTube separately. You can do this by viewing your History on YouTube.

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