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Google gives Quick Info within searches
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  • If you have been using Google to search for (famous) people online, then you would have noticed that Google now provides a “quick info” box in every search, so that you do not need to visit any of the links provided in the search.

    For example, a simple Google search on Angelina Jolie returned this.


    The same happens, when you search for any other person (or a public celebrity), and does not work for searches for companies, or blogs or anything else. A search for “Apple” only returned Timothy D Cook and Steve Wozniak as “People related to Apple” (No Steve Jobs ?!)

    Google collects useful data from trusted sources, like Wikipedia for the short bio, and other trusted sites for the pictures. If the search term is a movie actor, then Google also displays the film titles (probably from either Wikipedia or IMDB). The box also shows a list of “Related People”. As you can see, a search for Angelina Jolie returned Brad Pitt (her fiancé) and Jennifer Aniston (her fiancé's ex-fiancé).

    Since Google’s algorithm automatically generates this, there may be inconsistencies and some data may be inaccurate. In that case, you can select the “Report a problem” at the bottom and report a particular problem to Google’s algorithm, that will eventually change the data, if it receives a large number of complaints.

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