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Talk instead of typing with this Chrome extension
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  • Chrome is currently the only browser so far, that supports HTML speech-to-text engine, and allows you to use your microphone to dictate to your computer, while it converts it into text in an HTML text field. To see it in action, visit Google with Chrome, click on the small microphone icon and talk to your microphone.


    A new extension for Chrome, Speak to Search, converts every HTML text field into a speech-enabled text field. This means that you can now speak to any field, instead of typing to it.

    A speech-enabled field, apart from a normal HTML field, requires extra code, which doesn’t make a difference now, as this extension automatically inserts the code to every HTML field, allowing you to talk to them, instead of typing. Every Twitter, which doesn’t use the conventional HTML field (image above) is supported by the extension.

    However, one negative point of the extension is that it adds the speech icon for the login fields (but thankfully, not for the password fields).

    Speak to Search | Google Chrome

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