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Try out the new disqus 2012
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  • Disqus is an online commenting service, which allows webmasters to use their service to provide a better commenting system for websites as well as blogs. This blog, for example, uses Disqus for its comments (scroll down to see it in action). Personally, I think Disqus is much more advanced and yet simple to use, and is much better than the default blogger comments, and is also used by several other sites, like Digital Inspiration, etc.

    Disqus has released a more awesome version of their commenting system, which is currently in testing-and-feedback mode, but is most likely to be changing the way webmaster-readers interaction works.


    In their blog post, Disqus mentioned the arrival of a new commenting system, called “Disqus 2012” which, in terms of look and feel, is much better than the current version of disqus. The new version features a lot of features, like

    • Fluid and frictionless design
    • Voting up and down (instead of likes in the previous disqus)
    • Personal view (under “My Disqus”) for people to view their profile and receive notifications without leaving the current page.
    • “Community” view, which connects you with the other community members of the same website (An incredible tool for webmasters!)
    • Disqus comments discoverable by Google – acts as an increased SEO factor.
    • It is much faster and snappier than the previous disqus.
    • New “Social Sharing” which lets you share other’s comment to twitter, facebook, Google+ and even get a URL link to the comment.

    You can try commenting in the new disqus comment system, by visiting the disqus blog, which has already implemented it.

    How do I get it for my site?

    Disqus will be releasing the version worldwide on June, but if you like to get it before that, you should request an invite. They will respond to you manually as soon as they get your invite, which I believe will take some days.

    I have sent a request, and you will shortly see the new disqus in TechCovered too.


    Disqus contacted me by email after I requested for an upgrade, and I activated it for TechCovered. The comment system you see now is the latest version of Disqus.

    I was redirect to while activating 2012 for my profile, so I am guessing that anyone who hasn’t gotten a email reply yet can get 2012 activated by visiting this link (If you haven’t requested for it yet, click here to request it now).

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