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What happens when you send a mail through Gmail
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  • Google, as a part of its Green campaign, launched the story of what happens when you send a mail using Gmail.


    The story, consists of 9 parts, starting from “Send” to “Instant Delivery”. As soon as you click on the send button on the first screen, a Gmail logo (picture given above) moves along a cable, which actually signifies your email being transferred along the cable to your recipient.

    This story is not actually true, with Google adding many unnecessary steps in between, like “Safe and Secure” – which says Google uses security cameras, iris and fingerprint scanners to safeguard your mail, and also “Smart heat” - which tells that Google employees use shorts to avoid extra cooling expenditure, and “Clean Power” – which tells that Google uses power from Wind mills as much as possible. These may be accurate, but they don’t actually involve in the sending of an email message.

    Built in HTML5, this story also has an interactive design, where at times you’d have to use the arrow keys to move the email. It also has sounds playing in the background.

    Overall, the webpage is created more to tell people how green google is, rather than educate the fellow users on how their email is being treated.

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