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Microsoft Surface tablet – the iPad killer
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  • All the latest buzz of the internet is about Microsoft’s new tablet – Microsoft Surface. Microsoft on Monday announced that they will be launching a new tablet line, called Surface. Microsoft said they will be releasing two versions of it, one which has Windows RT OS and another which has Windows 8 Pro OS.


    Touted by Microsoft to be a killer of the Apple iPad, Surface comes with a lot of specs, that is sure intended to leave Apple burnt over their new iPad (iPad 3). Not only does Surface have to compete with iPad, but also the thousands of other Android tablets out there in the market.

    A plus point of the Microsoft surface is that the pro version runs the actual Windows 8 OS, unlike the iPad, which runs iOS, which is just a shade of the actual Mac OSX. The tablets also have the advantage of the Windows App store, which seems to be running pretty decently, and will allow publishers to make downloads easier for the Windows OS.

    The surface also comes with a magnetic keyboard, called the Touch Cover, which comes in different shades. The touch cover, along with the side stand, really makes surface look like an ultra thin laptop.


    Microsoft has approximated the launch date of the tablets to “around” the launch of Windows 8 OS, that will be sometime around the 2012 fall.

    Microsoft Surface Specs Sheet | Difference b/w Windows RT and Pro | Image Credits: 9gag, Microsoft

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