Friday, July 27, 2012

Adsense Gets a Better Mobile Website
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  • adsense-mobileAdsense, which had recently changed its desktop view, has gone a step further and introduced a new mobile version of the site, which has a much better interface, though not as neat and simple as the previous one, but more functional than it.

    As soon as you visit the mobile website, you get todays, yesterdays, this months and last months earnings displayed to you. It also displays the top channels of the past 7 days directly on the home screen, without any extra clicking required.

    There is an additional “Quick Report” if you scroll down a bit further, which gives you a brief summary of your adsense account.

    The reports tab comes with a drop down, allowing users to quickly review the performance of the ads and also view a graph related to it, whereby also providing info like Page views, clicks, Page CTR, CPC, Page RPM and estimated earnings. It also has a full report option after you scroll down a bit.

    The new interface is definitely an improvement from the old mobile website and as far as it goes for me, I like the new interface because it loads nicely in my Opera Mini browser.

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