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Microsoft Minimal – An Artist’s plan for Microsoft
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  • Microsoft has long past its hey days, and days where Microsoft was the biggest tech corporation in the world. People today view Microsoft as an outdated and a very slow corporation, this is conservative and business-like, unlike Apple which is know for its design and engineering innovations, and also its fun consumer approach. microsoft-van

    Meet Andrew Kim, a 21 year old designer and a Microsoft fan boy, who has come up with a set of proposals and ideas, for Microsoft to reinvent themselves, called “Microsoft Minimal”.

    In the proposal, Andrew also suggests a simplified Windows logo, a “slate” along with different logos for the company, office, surface and its OS. He also suggests that Windows Phone be renamed to Surface phone, which combined along with the Surface Tablet would be Microsoft’s one stop solution for mobile products.

    Andrew Kim also suggests that Windows RT (the tablet version of Windows 8) be named Metro and only one version of Windows to be released, instead of many versions like Windows Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate, etc.

    Andrew also proposes better color patterns for the “Surface phone” which he thinks, could be the “Super computer” in your pocket.


    He also suggests the company subtitle to be changed to "A promise made. A promise kept". If Microsoft would consider at least any part of this ideas, I think they’d put Apple in the run.

    Via: The Next Microsoft | This is just an artists proposal for Microsoft, does not represent the actual company policy.

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