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Skype Hacked, Source Code Released
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  • The story starts with Microsoft helping the US Government to implement backdoor spies on particular computers. Since Microsoft recently bought Skype for $8 billion, Hackers decided to hack Skype and publish its source code online, for public download.


    The latest version of Skype hacked is version 5.5. According to this blog post, a few hackers have managed to de-obfuscate the source code of Skype using reverse engineering and have published the “Skype Kit” SDK + runtimes and the de-obfuscated binaries online.

    The source code of Skype, at first hosted on GitHub was later taken down by a DMCA notice by Microsoft, and is now a torrent is hosted illegally on The Pirate Bay.

    If you compile the source code after modifications (illegal to do so), then you must be aware not to use your account in Skype, as it may be blocked and your IP address may also be reported to the concerned authorities.

    If you are an aspiring developer and want to know the source code of Skype, take a look here:

    SkypeKit sdk+runtimes -
    skype 55.59 deobfuscated binaries -

    Be warned though, as it is still illegal to view the source code.

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