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Google gets inline Calculator and Currency Converter
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  • Google is a bit more than a search engine – whenever you ask queries like any mathematical calculation (except algebraic equations and calculus). It can also convert currency for you, from UK pounds to US Dollars to Euros to Indian Rupees. From the beginning, whenever you search for a calculation, Google just displays the result – but of late, Google also displays an inline calculator and currency converter, for easy calculation.

    google-calculator google-currency-converter

    Whenever for want calculate something on Google, like 3.142*((1/9)*10) , Google displays the result and also gives you a calculator to go along with it. Whenever you search for $200 in INR {FYI - $200 is the price for Google Nexus 7 Tablet}, then Google displays the conversion, along with a price variation chart of Rupees versus Dollar and also offers you many other conversions.

    Google Calculator and currency converter within Google search can be brought up with a simple Calculator and Currency Converter query.

    Google has other search features too, like weather, time, sunrise and sunset at a particular location, stock quotes, etc, but none have been made interactive yet.

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