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How to Always Download the Latest Firefox Before Official Release
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  • Its that time of the month where Mozilla is releasing their latest version of their Firefox browser (15.0 is being released tomorrow). During this time, however, all the various technology blogs out there (who are probably running out of new post ideas), post out links to download the latest version of Firefox, even before it is official released. Instead of relying on them, all you need to have is a link that contains the list of all Firefox versions ever released.


    This FTP link from the servers of Mozilla, contains the link of all versions of Firefox ever released. What more, this list also contains links of Firefox versions that are soon to be released – for example – tomorrow. This FTP link can be opened in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and all major browsers.

    The to-be-released version of Firefox bears just the version name as the directory, whereas beta versions include the ‘b’ suffix on their directory name. So, make sure that you are downloading the right version of the Firefox, and not the beta or the aurora release versions.

    The same FTP list is also available for mozilla’s other products, like Sea Monkey, Thunder Bird and Firebird

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