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iOS – The Best Operating System?
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  • When it comes to mobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have been fighting it out for some time.  However, whilst Android remains the most popular operating system in the world, does this make it the best? When you consider the millions of smart phones and tablets that run one version of Android or another, then compare that with the fact that iOS only runs on Apple devices, this fact doesn’t necessarily mean that the Android OS is better.
    iosvsandroid1When it comes to iOS, here’s a few things to consider:
    · Security: Android’s security has been heavily criticized and with good reason. The open nature of the platform, alongside the availability of apps from marketplaces other than the official app store, has made Android a hotbed for malicious apps. Apple and iOS however, have a very good App Store which requires an app to go through a rigorous process before it’s accepted, making iOS a lot more secure.
    · Integration with iTunes: with iTunes you can store, organize and create playlists all from one program. The genius feature, which is also available in the app store ‘guesses’ the music you enjoy and creates playlists for you or suggests similar music that you might enjoy.
    · Quality and responsiveness: Whilst you could argue that the screen on an iOS device is hardware and nothing to do with the operating system itself, games and streaming video on Apple devices are such great quality that they are all but unbeatable. I regularly watch catch-up TV on my iPad and the quality is tremendous, so much so that I’m often disappointed when I go back to watching TV on my HD television.
    · No Flash: this is an irritating feature of iOS; whilst you do have the option to use the YouTube app, this doesn’t cover all of the Flash content you may want to view online. There are apps that promise they can play Flash for you on your device, but I’ve not found one yet that’s any good.
    · Apps: Whilst the Apple app ecosystem is pretty good, they are choosy about which apps they allow. The recent introduction of Google Chrome, for example, is great if you prefer to browse with Chrome, but try clicking on a link and it will open in Safari; there’s no way of making Chrome the default browser, another irritation.
    · iTunes: Yes, I did say this is a plus but it’s also an annoyance in that if you want to transfer some of your own music from your PC, it can be a pain to carry out, especially if you’re not that tech savvy. Plus the way it pops up every time you plug your device into a PC can be annoying.
    All-in-all, the cons as opposed to the pluses in iOS seem a little weak, so it could be argued that iOS is the best. However, it really depends on your needs; if security is a big issue with you then yes, iOS is the way to go, especially with the rapid rise of threats such as banking Trojans that are flooding the Android market, even the official one.
    However, I would say that it’s a personal choice, there are more apps to be found on Google Play, it’s a more open environment and gives you a huge amount of choice when it comes to what Smartphone or tablet device you want to buy.

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