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Create an Internet MEME in HTML with Mozilla
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  • A meme on the internet is usually a picture with a funny caption, that usually carries a meaning, or is just created for sheer fun. Memes are usually images, but with Mozilla, you can now make an HTML meme, without requiring much HTML knowledge and publish it online too.


    Meme builder on Mozilla is a web project created and hosted by Mozilla, that lets you easily create meme – on the internet. The meme is built using a WYSIWYG editor and you need to modify the HTML and CSS code to create the meme.


    If you are shy of HTML and CSS, then fret not- the editor comes with detailed guide on what to edit to make your meme, even if you haven’t got any programming language skills. Usually, your meme needs a background image, which you can get by using a simple Google image search (Mozilla recommends Creative Commons) but make sure the image is not copyrighted in any kind as that may get you into trouble.

    Once you publish your meme, you will get a link on the internet, which is something like this. If you are looking for some good meme ideas, I suggest you visit popular meme websites on the internet like 9gag, reddit, etc.

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