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Get Free Mobile Recharges in India with Way2SMS
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  • Way2Sms is an Indian SMS portal, which allows you to send free SMS within India. It is a popular SMS portal, but of late, it is offering another feature – recharges.

    Way2sms now has options, in which you should spread an ad, either through Facebook or twitter, or invite people to Way2sms via an affiliate link, then you get money, which can be redeemed for free recharges to your mobile number.


    Way2sms has three ways to earn recharge currency :
    (i) Email Ads – Where you would have to send an advertisement to your email contacts (one per day), and you get currency whenever a unique visitor visits the website of the advertisement.
    (ii) Social Ads – Where you would have to post an advertisement website link either to your Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn profile, where you will be commissioned for every unique visitor.
    (iii) Inviting – Where you will get a fixed amount of Re.1 for every referral you lead to the website. You cannot cheat this system, as every time you register, you’d have to link your mobile number to your account. (No free money, guys!)

    Way2sms is also getting more interesting by the day, letting you send e-cards, let you receive sms alerts for new emails, allowing you to chat with Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and MSN contacts within the website and more. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

    Note: The website is filled with intrusive ads and pop-ups, and your experience on the site would be better if you use an ad blocker like Adblock plus. However, disable it on TechCovered and other less-intrusive websites.

    Affiliate link | Way2Sms

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