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Surf the Internet in 3D
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  • Ever been to a 3D movie in theaters and loved 3D so much that you now yearn for 3D internet (your hometown) without having to pay a bomb for a 3D monitor? If yes, then you should use the 3Dnator for Google chrome.

    3Dnator is a Google Chrome extension that converts images (yes, images only!) to 3D mode, which you can view with 3D glasses.

    As soon as you install the extension, you have to turn it on by clicking the extension button (there is no separate options page for the extension) and all images that load in Chrome from then on will be in 3D, provided you are wearing 3D glasses.


    When viewed using 3D glasses, the image appears to be a layer ahead of the monitor, giving an popping-out illusion. However, unlike real 3D, in which case many layers of the image would appear (called real depth), this extension just manages to give a basic 3D effect, but does so satisfactorily.

    This extension works its wonders in Google Image Search, however I experienced a problem in YouTube. With the extension turned on, I could not view the thumbnail preview of YouTube videos, which the extension was probably trying to convert into 3D.

    Have fun browsing the internet with this fun extension, though you really need a pair of 3D glasses.

    Guide to make 3D glasses | 3Dnator!

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