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The Best Online Shopping Sites in India
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  • The online shopping scene in India is drastically changing, with more and more people opting to buy online rather than go to the nearest market and hunt down and bargain over soaring-high prices. With that thought in mind, here comes the big question – what are the top/best online shopping sites in India that is reliable and also a good bargain?


    flipkart-shopping-site-india When it comes to shopping, you simple cannot ignore flipkart. Flipkart, which started first as a website that sells books online (they still sell books), it now sells a whole lot of consumer products online – ranging from mobiles, computer to vacuum cleaners, washing machines,etc. You even have a online music download portal (called flyte) where you can buy music (and download it legally).

    But what keeps Flipkart at the top of the competition is the simplicity of the website, the reliability of their service and most importantly – cheap (but original) products. I, myself, have bought from flipkart about 3 times and so far, they have been the most effective, reliable shopping site I’ve ever bought from. The Cash-On-Delivery is an added icing on the cake. If you ask me, I’d pick this website again and again and again to buy stuff online.

    Pros: Very reliable service, Quick delivery, Product tracking feature, Friendly website.
    Cons: Some products are out of stock and continue to remain so for a long time.


    infibeam-shopping-site-india Infibeam is a shopping website that trails very closely behind flipkart. In fact, when you are browsing infibeam, you would actually be confused if you are still on flipkart or infibeam (unless you look at the logo header). The products offered are almost as same as flipkart – books, mobiles, fashion accessories, computers and hardware, home appliances, music and movies (hardcopy version of it – unlike flipkart), etc.

    Apart from these, infibeam also offers something extra – flowers and vehicles. You can gift flowers to anywhere in India and also buy bikes, cars online (very highly anyone in India would), and you can also rent a car. Picsquare is an infibeam company, which lets you customize your own T-shirts, mugs, posters,etc and then buy them online at a reasonable rate. They also have their own eBook reader, called Infibeam Pi (still no substitute for the Kindle).

    Pros: Lots of things to buy from, rent-a-car service, only Indian shopping site to support PayPal.
    Cons: Products are generally a few hundred costlier than flipkart counterparts, delivery service is not efficient.


    myntra-shopping-site-india If you watch cable TV in India, you must have come across Myntra ads. They seem too good to be true – how can you purchase clothes and fashion wears online without even trying them out first? The way myntra tackles this problem is the reason why myntra comes in in the top 3 shopping sites in India. (If you haven’t already figured it out – myntra is the Indian ecommerce site that sells only clothes, fashion wears, footwear, bags, belts, etc.)

    Myntra fills in the gap where flipkart fails – clothing and fashion. Flipkart has a section dedicated to it, but in no way does it have the sheer variety and range as myntra. If I were to write about the top online clothing/fashion shopping sites in India, myntra would top it hands down. I have bought from myntra and the service, delivery were impeccable.

    If you were ever to buy something from myntra and didn’t like it upon delivery, there is a 30-day return policy. However, make sure you haven’t pulled off the sales tag from it before returning (You can return anything except innerwear, cosmetics, perfumes/deodorants, socks). The best part of returning bought items is that you can ask them to return the product themselves or courier it to their address. The amount will be redeemed to your online account on myntra.

    Another exciting part of myntra is that they support coupons (the only one I have noticed that does so). On signing up, you receive a Rs.1000 worth coupon, which you can redeem while buying something. (Don’t forget to not use the coupon while you still have it!). They also have a style blog in case you run out of fashion ideas. Very handy.

    Pros: Lots and lots of discounts, coupons, awesome return policy, large variety of products
    Cons: Website only limited to selling  clothes and fashion wear, not anything else.

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