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Amazon slings mud at Apple over iPad Mini
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  • This was bound to happen. Apple, when releasing the iPad Mini – the 7.9 inch tablet, tried to downgrade the Google Nexus 7 tablet, by touting that the iPad mini is 35% larger, though it was well over $300 whereas the nexus was at $199. Now its amazons time to launch their latest offering – Kindle Fire HD, and Amazon does something brave – its compares it to the iPad Mini and flings mud at it.

    Amazon Ad that mocks the iPad Mini

    In the Ad, Amazon includes a review of the iPad Mini from Gizmodo, which called Apple “ballsy” (the term might be offensive to some people here) for offering a product with such less features for such high cost.

    The ad compares Kindle HD to iPad mini, with Kindle fire winning on all accounts, with a HD display of 216 dpi, dual speakers, and a cost of $130 less than the inferior apple product.

    It is a well known fact that all apple products are highly priced, but Amazon takes advantage of this to try and win the small-tablet war. Everything, of course, wont be decided until Google releases its Nexus 7 tablets, at the same price point of the Kindle fire, after which Apple might take a hitting.

    So will Amazon probably be sued for this? Well, most probably not, but it surely is tempting apple. My reaction : Here we go!

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